As parents, we are programmed to protect our children  and assist them through life's difficulties. Teaching independence is a large part of that help and here at english circle,
we will gently encourage your child to recognise his or her ability to function independently of their parents. This will boost their confidence and allow personalities to develop naturally.

For this reason we prefer parents to 'NOT' be present in the classroom. However, very young children can be accompanied by a parent for the first few weeks, but it must be understood, that independence comes through a parent's absence and not their constant assistance.

Social skills are also an important part of the independence process; where stronger children must learn to consider smaller ones and where shy children can develop confidence. We will monitor closely and guide them with patience.

Please also note, that ALL our classrooms and classes are monitored by CCTV with sound. We do this to protect both Tutors and students, but also to monitor standards and effectiveness of operation.