We do not operate like 'traditional school and the are no naughty children...
children either develop personality disorders like ADHD, or are taught unacceptable behaviour, by watching and listening to we adults.

We keep discipline by instilling a sense of responsibility and by utilising peer  pressure. We definitely encourage movement and no-one is ever forced to remain in their seat. We also recognise that all people have different strengths and weaknesses, which are reflected in 'how we learn'.

Kinaesthetics, (Movement) is a personality trait that is most high in young children and if this is stimulated correctly, it will result in greater memory retention of things learned. Movement and interaction therefore, forms a key part of our lesson plans.
We believe in this so much, that we have 'dedicated' lessons and tutors who specialise in teaching English through 'Role-Play'...

These lessons are structured towards, listening and speaking in English. Grammar is taught, for the most part, verbally and in context, giving a child a deeper and more effectual understanding of the language. It's also much more fun than traditional methods of Grammar and it is a proven fact that if learning is fun... children 'learn'!