Phonics  are the fundamentals of the English language and without fully understanding all the sounds of each letter and then acquiring the blending skills of short vowels and Graphemes; your child will never truly attain fluency in English.

Here at 'english circle ' we will start your child on a specialised  phonic reading course, from day one: Songs, games, toys, reading, writing and speaking, all form part of this fast effective approach to mastering the 'short' sounds of the alphabet.

Our emphasis is on fun and making sure your child enjoys learning...
Having mastered the phonic alphabet, you child  receives our certificate, confirming their ability to pronounce the recognised sounds for each letter.
It is then that we move onto our short vowel blending programme and show your child how they can now truly read simple words!

Graded reading books based upon age and ability also form part of our reading programme, together with the award winning programme 'Headsprout'which includes 'online' home access!
These weekly books are retained by students for additional home reading practise,