Developing essential motor skills (Hand & eye co-ordination) and fine tuning tiny hand muscles, needs to start early in life.
Tracing dotted letters and making the letter sounds while writing; will firmly fix into their minds, the connection between writing, reading and then speaking letters. This is why writing is an essential stage  in your child's development.   

Training your child to learn the 'traditional alphabet' sounds on their own is actually, 'none productive', as far as reading is concerned and will have to be 're-learned' alongside Phonics. The 'a' in apple is 'a' and not 'ay'. So why teach, 'ay' is for 'apple'? Phonic spelling using the short vowel, really brings into focus how all the letters actually create words and will teach your child 'not' to be afraid of English, or spelling.

Ask a 5yr. old to read 'Capital' and they will struggle; ask the same child who has learned phonics and be amazed at the difference... 'c-a-p-i-t-a-l' easy!  Keep the writing task simple, pronounce the phonic letter sound as they write and keep it FUN!